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Different Events:

1. Plenary Lectures           2. Paper Presentation      3. Poster Presentation*    
                                                                                       *Poster size = 3 ft (width) x 4 ft (height)
4. Technical Events:  
                            (1) Quiz (Technical + GK)                 - Group of 3 members (max) 
                            (2) Sudoko, Crossword, Puzzles - Individual 
                             (3) Debate ( 5 min)                                - Individual 
                             (4) Essay writing (30 min)               - Individual

One can participate in maximum of TWO technical events. The registration fee for the technical events is Rs 50/- per participant and to be paid on spot. 

Topic of debate: Effect of Electronic Media on Print Media
Topic for essay writing: How can we boost the Indian Chemical Industries?    

5. Cultural Events: 
                            (1) Western dance (Solo/Group), 
                            (2) Vocal with instrument,                                                              
                            (3) Classical dance, 
                            (4) Singing (Solo/Group), 
                            (5) Mimicri, 
                            (6) Recitation                                                    
                            (7) Monoaction, 
                            (8) Magic show

The participation in cultural events is voluntary, and  there is no charge.
Students are requested to send their names for different Technical and Cultural events to [email protected] 

Only the students who will registered for the congress can take part in the Technical and/or Cultural events. 

Participants should bring their own special instruments if required.
For more information: Mr. Prithwish Kr. Saha, 08373003438
                                                           Mr. Harsh Raj,                       09002195047

6. M. P.Chary Memorial Awards:

The awardee has to be an outstanding young chemical engineer below 35 years of age who will be required to make a presentation on any innovative topic of interest / case study / industrial achievement / experience. The award carries M. P. Chary Medal and a prize money of Rs 10,000/-. The participants are required to submit a synopsis in 4-5 pages (Front: Times New Roman, Size 12, Line spacing 1.5), on or before 31st July, 2014.